Minjun Chen

How One Becomes What One Is


How One Becomes What One Is

This installation explores the issues of self-identity and self-creativity through typographic design.

Typography Installation | Independent Project | 1 month


“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Located on the elevator door, the text from Friedrich Nietzsche encourages people to think about internal and individual identity, and to recognize the chaos in our unique identity that allows for creativity to develop our own ideas and explanations. In addition, chaos can be represented by any form, material or medium. Self-discovery of chaos enables us to produce a dancing star. That is, we can produce great work through self-knowledge and self-creativity rather than conforming to other people. 

01 Inspiration & Concept


02 Not Art in Elevators, But Elevators as Art


Elevator located on Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall is an enclosed space that can give this installed typography great power and meaning.

  • A common space that all fine arts students and teachers may use everyday.

  • A public space that has many encounters and interactions.

  • A personal space that leads to embarrassment if overcrowded with strangers.


03 Installation Process


I made my first installation with black vinyl, a light material that could be applied in the elevator door, allowing me to have more flexibilities in typographic design. 

Creating vinyl installation looked simple at first but it required me to be patient and careful all the time. I do remember that I came to our building in the midnight because nobody would use the elevator. And then I had to press the close door button all the time in order to keep the elevator still. 


04 Documentation