Minjun Chen


Found: is an experimental writing, design and publishing project, printed in an edition of 25 in Advanced Design & Typography, at the University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate Fine Arts program. 

Experimental Writing, Design, and Publishing | Team: 6 other classmates | 1 month | My Role: Photography, Graphic Design



This collaborative project started with discussions: how could we unmask and interpret observations of urban space through the photos, texts and design.

One of the things that clearly colored our discussion was the feelings in the room about the election. How can the FOUND project photos poetically express these feelings? It seems there may be a connection between the loss and loneliness of the objects in the project and the emotional meaning of these days after the election – can those feelings be expressed in the photos, texts, design?

01 Ideation


02 Building a Template 

We created a 6-card template in InDesign and proposed specifications, such as font, black text with six word stories, full bleed photo. 

The template saved our time and made this collaborative project easier than we thought. Below are my individual deliverables. 


03 Collaboration Process

We uploaded photographs via our class website and gave each other feedback in our class discussion.

The whole process was very fun and explorative. We went to unfamiliar places and found lost things through taking photographs. We also needed to record time, location as well as taking notes about observations, feelings, or anything we wanted to say. 


04 Design Process


05 Final Documentation